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At Spruce Grove Chiropractic Centre, our massage therapists will identify the root cause of the pain you are feeling and provide the right massage therapy in Spruce Grove. The professionals will do massage with the latest technologies and techniques as well as help you with various chronic conditions like lower back pain, headaches, arthritis, fatigue, and more. Our services include:


Deep Tissue massage

Pre-natal massage

Sports massage

Foot massage

Infant massage

Relaxation massage

Myofascial release

We also provide cupping techniques, pregnancy massage, visceral techniques (therapists can do massage to the abdomen to release adhesions from surgery which provides relief to internal organs and remove scar tissue), and more. Book an appointment today!


Massage therapy will help you ease your muscle and joint pain, relax your body and mind, as well as help in lymphatic and circulation flow. Our therapists will assess and treat the soft tissues of the body through manual palpation and manual therapy, which will reduce tension in muscles. Providing chiropractic care for all types of conditions, from sports massage therapy to pain relief, makes us your go-to clinic.


Relieve Your Stress and Tension

Our massage therapy will increase blood circulation and will keep you relaxed.

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