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Thank you for your patience through these last two plus years. Our commitment to serve you with dignity, honesty and safety remains the same. If you have been absent from care for some time, we look forward to serving you again soon.


“Feel better, Move better, Live better” – this is the motto of the chiropractors at Spruce Grove Chiropractic Centre as they strive to offer natural healing options to individuals suffering from joint and muscle-related pains. Whether it is pain from poor posture, sports-related injuries or motor vehicle collisions and work-related accidents, chiropractors are there to offer drug-free manual therapy options to treat and help prevent musculoskeletal (bones, muscles, tendons, joints) conditions. A few of the non-surgical treatments we offer at our Spruce Grove’s clinic include Graston Technique® and massage therapy.


About Our Experienced Chiropractors

Dr. Paul Friesen, Dr. Aaron Sikora and Dr. Sheldon Warchola (our experienced chiropractors), as well as Amy Turton and Mackenzie Pischke (our experienced massage therapists), are happy to welcome new and existing patients to our clinic to experience personalized care through established chiropractic and manual therapies to aid the body in its natural healing process. At our clinic, we offer drug-free, non-surgical solutions for many spinal and extremity musculoskeletal pain problems, including but not limited to:


Lower back pain

Neck pain


Shoulder pain

Knee and ankle pains

Motor vehicle injuries

Repetitive strain injuries

Sports injuries

Disc injuries

Mid-back and rib joint pains

Special Offers for Students & Senior Patients

We offer a discounted rate for our patients who are seniors or students. If you’re a senior citizen, we also offer direct billing, making your time with us more efficient.

Let our healing hands guide you to better health and wellness. For manual therapy treatments tailored to your specific needs, please call our clinic to book an appointment.

Professional Affiliations


Treat your muscle and joint pain without medication or surgery.


We have been helping Spruce Grove patients over 20 years.


If poor posture or sports-related injury is becoming painful, we can help.

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